Portrait of a Graduate

During the 2015-2016 school-year, the district underwent a “values setting” process, which included input from staff, students, and parents.  In the end, we collectively agreed on what we valued most for our students, which was helping to develop independent learners capable of personal and professional success, and helping children find and develop their passions.  In the 2016-2017 school-year, we worked to take those values and turn them into something identifiable – a Portrait of a Graduate.  After parents/community members, staff, and Holdrum’s Student Council worked on their drafts, student art teams at all three schools, coupled with invaluable support from Mr. Garretson and Mr. Smith, created the final version for our school district, which should guide us as we move forward into the future.

Our Portrait of a Graduate emphasizes the skills necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing, interconnected world. It is the goal of River Vale Schools to promote necessary change to support our students and to ensure that they are college and career ready members of society.  In the future, our graduates will need to be adaptable, as they will be applying for jobs that have not yet been created, using technology that has not yet been invented, and solving problems that have not yet emerged.  Building off of the Portrait of a Graduate, our students will:


  • Graduate from Holdrum able to utilize technological skills and contemporary digital tools

  • Publicly speak in a manner designed to inform, motivate, entertain, persuade, and/or exchange ideas with listeners

  • Respect the thinking of others, examine all viewpoints, and use those ideas to engage in meaningful discussions

  • Think critically and creatively when problem-solving

  • Demonstrate compassion for others

  • Engage in inquiry driven tasks - tasks designed to promote asking questions, searching for answers, using evidence to support conclusions, and using those conclusions to create new questions

  • Take risks

  • View constructive criticism as an opportunity to grow

  • Develop a “growth mindset” and believe that failure is a learning opportunity

Future Technology that Will

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