Ed Leader 21

In River Vale, we are committed to providing students a rich and balanced education that focuses on the important 21st Century Skills needed for success in an increasingly complex, global world.  River Vale is currently the only district in New Jersey to join forces with Ed Leader 21, a national consortium focused on integrating vital 21st Century Skills into the classroom.  

Our goal is to incorporate critical thinking skills, communication, collaboration, and creativity into our students’ everyday learning to prepare them for an undefined future. Good instruction starts with the final outcome in mind. Assessment of the 4C’s is a key goal of the district moving forward. This year, as a district we will be focusing on what creativity and collaboration should look like in our classrooms, and how can we measure its success.  In the 2017-2018 school-year teachers will be utilizing rubrics that were designed over the summer in a collaborative effort to design rubrics to support staff, students, and parents when integrating creativity and collaboration in the classroom. This is a challenging, yet exciting time for education and we are extremely proud of our position in getting our students ready for the complex world ahead of them.


21st Century Learning

River Vale will utilize the framework written by the Partnership for 21st Century Learning in our curriculum and daily lesson plans.  The framework is as follows:
Framework for 21st Century

In addition to our core subjects, our curriculum welcomes topics such as: Life Skills, Global Awareness, Civics, Financial/Business Literacy, Environmental Literacy, Health/Wellness Literacy, and Information/Media Literacy. All components will be interconnected to create a well-versed citizen. Students will think deeply about issues and engage in authentic learning experiences that promote problem-solving, risk-taking, and meaningful conversations. Our mission is to prepare students through project-based learning, rigorous coursework and assessments, and high expectations set forth by our outstanding faculty. River Vale is extremely excited to introduce such a progressive approach to education! If we teach today's students as we taught yesterday's, we rob them of tomorrow." - John Dewey

Strategic Vision Plan
Along with our Portrait of a Graduate, the district also worked to develop a strategic vision plan, which includes key goals for the 2017-2018 school-year. The Vision Plan outlines in practical steps a framework for taking the Portrait of a Graduate and transforming our curricular and instructional practices district-wide to match it.  For this school-year, we are going to focus on two areas emphasized the most by those who worked on the Portrait of a Graduate, improving students ability to collaborate and communicate, and really defining what we mean by that.

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