Growth Mindsets

How the River Vale Community Can Help Create “Growth Mindsets” Within our Students



River Vale thrives to instill a love for learning into all of our students and this requires leveled instruction and academic/educational practices that stimulate higher level thinking.  Our curriculum utilizes multiple approaches to learning, including blended learning, service learning, and project based learning.  Our educational practices help guide our students to look at failures through a different lense, as mistakes are an integral part of the necessary growth process in finding solutions that will better the community as a whole.  


Together, we can prepare our children for the world ahead of them.


  • Model what a growth mindset looks like


Instead Of...

Try Thinking

I want to be the best.

How can I get better?

Can I do this?

How can I accomplish this?

Mistakes mean I am a failure.

Mistakes help me learn.

I will never be that smart.

I will work hard and learn how to do this.

It’s good enough.

Is this really my best work?

This is too hard.

This may take a few strategies.

I give up.

I will try Plan B and NEVER give up.


  • Praise efforts, not ability - Move away from the idea that we are born with certain talents.  

  • Emphasize how assessments are no longer of learning, but rather for learning and instructional purposes.

  • Portray the belief that: Self Belief + Effort and Determination = Achievement

Take the quiz to discover what your mindset is! What is My Mindset?

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