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District Lead Testing Practices

There has recently been much discussion in the press regarding elevated levels of lead in drinking water in schools.  Although the state of New Jersey does not require or expect school districts to test for lead, the River Vale School District has maintained practices for several years to monitor the district’s water supply, which were detailed by Business Administrator, Kelly Ippolito, at the March 29, 2016 Board of Education meeting, and included the following: 


  • The district had conducted testing for elevated lead levels periodically since the referendum of 2003

  • The district being pro-active had implemented the use of water filters in areas that were considered drinkable water sources

  • The district changes the water filters a minimum of once per year, which is an important practice in terms of preventing the opportunity for elevated lead levels


If you have any questions about the district’s practices in terms of lead testing, please contact Mrs. Kelly Ippolito at kippolito@rivervaleschools.com.