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River Vale Public School District

Welcome to the River Vale Public School District!  Our schools are dedicated to providing each student with a first-class education in a safe and supportive environment. The Board of Education and staff join with both parents and the community-at-large in a commitment to promoting self-discipline, motivation, and academic excellence in all children. We value our students' acquisition of knowledge as well as the development of their critical thinking and problem solving skills. Our ultimate goal is to help all children develop into independent, self-sufficient, and productive adults who will succeed and contribute responsibly to the global community.  We are committed to excellence and invite you to become part of our award-winning school district.

Children who will be five years of age on or before October 1, 2022 and who are residents of River Vale are eligible to be registered for the 2022-2023 school year.

Please follow the steps below to start the Kindergarten Registration Process:




 (Download and complete the appropriate section(s) below that apply to your child)

A. DOMICILE form: Living with parent/guardian in district (click here)

(Student is living with a parent/guardian whose permanent home is the address given on the registration form and is located in the district. “Affidavit A” must be completed in addition when there is no written lease)

AFFIDAVIT A (residency) form: When no written lease exists (click here)

B. AFFIDAVIT "STUDENT" forms(If the student is living with a person other than a parent/guardian with a permanent address in the school district. All three of the forms must be completed for submission.)

  1. Living with someone other than parent/guardian form (click here)
  2. Residency Affidavit Pupils B1 - parent/guardian (click here)
  3. Residency Affidavit Pupils B2 - non-parent resident (click here)

CTEMPORARY RESIDENT(If the student is living with a parent/guardian who is temporarily residing within the district. Both documents must be completed for submission.

  1.  Temporary Resident form (click here)
  2.  Residency Affidavit C form (resident providing temporary housing for another family) (click here)

(If the student’s situation is not address by Section A, B or C or if any of the circumstances in Section D apply.)

 RESIDENCY SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATIONThis is required for proof of residency. You will need to provide an original deed or lease along with three supplemental items such as vehicle registration, tax bills, utility bills, phone bills, bank statement, other bills (i.e. credit cards).

STEP 4 - 
HEALTH FORMS: (both forms must be completed for submission)

  1.  Universal Child Health Record form (click here)
  2. Health History form (click here)

STEP 5 - 
CONTACT YOUR SCHOOL:  Please contact your school directly to complete the registration process.  Please note: you will need to bring with you the completed registration documents listed above and the supporting documentation.

We look forward to working with you during this registration process and to welcoming your child to our Kindergarten program in the year ahead.

Should you have questions about registering your child, please contact your schools main office.

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